Cruz FM wants to give you some delicious New York Fries! They’ve just released the brand new… Loaded… Poutine.. DOG! You read that right!

New York Fries is taking their Premium Hot Dog to a new level… and loading it up with our famous poutine toppings. Try a Classic Poutine Dog (NYF hot dog with real cheese curds and NYF’s signature gravy), Bacon Double Cheese Dog (NYF hot dog with cheese curds, cheese sauce, green onion and real, crumbled bacon) or their Pulled Pork Poutine Dog (NYF hot dog with cheese curds and NYF’s smoky pulled pork topping). Choose from any of New York Fries poutine toppings and have them loaded onto your hot dog – Demand More from your Hot Dog! Plus, you can get free poutine and more when you sign up for New York Fries’ mobile loyalty and payment program “Fry Society” at Visit for details and sign up today.

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