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Name That Hit!

Saskatoon, SK, Canada / 96.3 CRUZ FM
Name That Hit!

Play 96.3 Cruz FM’s “Name That Hit” weekdays at 8:20am with Stacie and Clayton, and 5:20pm with Dave “Muzik” Morgan. Guess the name of the song correctly and you’ll instantly win at least $100 in FREE CASH! Guess wrong and the jackpot grows by $100 the next time we play.

Plus, every weekday at 12:20 we’re giving away a guaranteed $100 jackpot with the brand new “12:20 Text” edition of “Name That Hit”! Listen at 12:20pm to hear the song clip, then text us the name of the song to 306-938-0963. If you get a message back from us, you’ve guessed the song correctly and are entered to win the $100 jackpot! We’ll announce the winner of the 12:20 Text at 2:00pm with Dave “Muzik” Morgan.

Good Luck!

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