Saskatoon’s Worst Turns (and a few good ones)

Driving in this city can be a challenge… and by challenge, I mean s**t show! Gone are the days of going from one end of Saskatoon to the other in under 15 minutes. As the city grows, so does it’s traffic issues. One issue that has cursed Saskatoon is the plethora of bad turns that seem to plague every area of the city. I’ve called the Bridge City home since 1996, and have learned a thing or two about the bad intersections in town. Here are some of the worst ones:

Turning Left from Circle Drive North on to Idylwyld

Usually a turn with a flashing arrow is considered a good turn, BUT NOT THIS ONE! It goes for maybe 9 seconds and that’s it. If a semi is first in line, that’s all it will have time for… and there are SO MANY semis and big trucks that take this turn. If you’re a west-sider and you take this route for a concert/Rush game/Blades game, you know first hand how slow this turn takes. You will be lined up for a while, instead turn on Avenue C. Wayyy quicker!

Turning Left out of the College Park Strip Mall (onto 8th & onto McKercher)

East siders know how PAINFUL it is getting out of this freaking parking lot. 8th is always busy, no matter what time it is. McKercher gets hectic around the rush hour times too. So no matter exit you use, be prepared to sit for a while. Not a lot of space to switch lanes after you turn too, so you better be on it. The only saving grace here is the crosswalk on McKercher. Sometimes you time it just right with a pedestrian. Every other time though, it’s a very stressful turn.

Any turn around SaskTel Centre after a concert/Rush game/Blades game

Can they make that turning arrow at Marquis & Idylwyld a little longer please?! It’s like 8 seconds… after a big event at SaskTel Centre, it gets so backed up! Doesn’t matter which way you leave, you will be hit with a tough turn.

Ruth & Lorne during the Saskatoon Ex

So many pedestrians. So many cars. So much chaos going on. Plus the overpass makes you feel more closed in than you actually are. This is a nightmare intersection during the Exhibition.

Central Ave & Gray Ave

Doesn’t matter which way you have to turn here, it’s going to be awkward. So many people ignore that ‘No left turn’ coming out of Gray Ave too. The intersection at Central & 115th always gets backed up too, which doesn’t help the situation here. Not a lot of chances to turn!

33rd & Idylwyld

Feels like such a tight squeeze, and the red light cameras always make you panic for some reason! Always so much traffic too.

Any time you have to turn left onto 51st Street

If you know, you know…

College Drive and Clarence Avenue

You always get a turning arrow here, but man what a tight squeeze! Always feels like you’re going to hit the car ahead of you. It’s a bit uphill too, and you always have to slam on your brakes right after the turn for the next intersection… which also isn’t a great turn!

The Good Turns

There aren’t a lot of good turns in the city, but shout out to the left turn on College Drive that puts you on to Circle Drive…

Always a long turning arrow for the heavy traffic in the area, very good location for the turn… a real game changer for that part of the city.

… That’s it. That’s the only good turn in Saskatoon…

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