Trashy But Tasty (TBT) Recipes

TBT to most people means ‘Throwback Thursday’. Around here at Cruz FM it has a few different meanings.

First, there’s the ‘Two Big Topics’ Podcast that we do every Friday. Catch every episode right here: #ShamelessPlug

There’s also a segment we do called ‘Trashy But Tasty’. It’s for those recipes that are random/greasy/straight up trashy but at the same time delightful and easy to make. That’s the one good thing about trashy food, it’s always so quick to make! Thought I’d share a couple of my favourites:

Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuit Crust Pizza

You know how some recipes will tell you ‘if you don’t have this, use that… But that usually ends up being awful. This is a rare instance where that is better than the this… Follow me still??

– Make the Red Lobster dough, roll it out flat on a cookie sheet
– Bake it for a bit, and then make a pizza on it.
– Boom.

It’s not an every pizza kind of thing, but it’s a great change up. A twice-a-year kind of thing!

Apple Honey Peanut Butter Burrito

Sometimes you’re just really craving a burrito, but the only thing you really have for making them are the wraps. Macgyvered this little snack back in the day, and the best part is it’s actually kind of healthy.

– Spread peanut butter on tortilla
– Put cut up/sliced apples on tortilla
– Drizzle honey on apples (or chocolate sauce, or caramel, whatever)
– Wrap it up, grill it if you want.

The thinner the apples, the better.

Poor Mans Rice Krispy Treats

Just like the food itself, these recipes are also greasy. No photos, just jot notes… that’s all you need for them.

– Get a bunch of rice cakes and crumble them up
– Melt a bunch of peanut butter
– Put the melted peanut into rice cake crumble, along with M&M’s or any small candy. Put mixture into baking sheet
– Melt down milk chocolate, pour it over top. Let it cool in the fridge

Add caramel to the peanut butter if you like it extra sweet. Just have caramel sauce around at all times, it’s good with any dessert.

Cheez Whiz Cornbread

I’ve never done this one before, but apparently if you add Cheez Whiz to your corn bread mixture it makes it taste delightful… so thought I’d take this time to just share that tip with you. Cornbread is actually super easy to make

Ritz Rolo Oreos

If you suck at potlucks, just sign up for dessert and make these. Huge crowd pleaser, perfect mix of sweet and salty.

– Put a bunch of Ritz crackers on a baking sheet
– Place a Rolo chocolate on each one
– Bake in over until they get a bit melty
– Put another cracker on top of the Rolo. Squish it down

Nice little snack. Be careful though, it’s easy to hammer about 17 of these and not even notice.

Cheez Whiz Melty Bun

It wouldn’t be a greasy list if Cheez Whiz didn’t show up at least twice… This one’s easy and it’ll do at 1 AM on a Saturday.

– Put Cheez Whiz on a bun
– Put it in your air fryer for like 6-7 minutes, I don’t know…
– Boom, a hot snack that kind of tastes like high school cafeteria food. But the quality kind!

Let the C. Whiz get a little burnt, it’s delightful.

Whatever Quesadilla

– Whatever leftover you got, put it in a tortilla
– Shred some cheese on there
– Fold it in half, grill both sides

‘Doesn’t matter what it is, if you put it in a wrap and grill it… it will be good’ – Listener Kevin, we call him the leftover wrap guy.

Feel free to add your own trashy but tasty recipe! The more the merrier!

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