Five Things To Expect When Your Kid Turns 1

If there’s one thing parents love to do, it’s tell first time parents what they’re in for. The classic stuff like ‘You will never sleep again’… ‘Your house is gonna be a mess’… ‘They’re a constant money pit that make everything sticky’

While all of that is true, there are a few things that happen ALL THE TIME when your little one turns one that no one really warns you about… UNTIL NOW!

Your Kids Favourite Toy? Your Face

The popular answer here would be a box, or the Tupperware drawer, or a bottle of shampoo… Nope. It’s your face. When they climb into bed with you in the morning, they will just climb on your face for the next 45 minutes. Well… climb, slap, kick, stick their but on, lick, cough on to, scream at… A whole mixed bag of things. They love your face When you think about it, that’s just beautiful

The High Chair is Your New Enemy

Don’t even bother trying to get this thing clean. There will always be some dried on banana or loose ground beef somewhere in the nooks and crannies of this chair. Wouldn’t recommend looking at the straps either… you always forget to clean the straps. They get nasty. It’s just never 100% clean. Do what Cruz FM evening guy Mark does: take it out back and hose it down.

Seriously, you will spend an outrageous amount of time scrubbing that thing down.

They’re Hilarious

Always keep your camera rolling. When they start moving, they become little funny-video machines.

For all the Lion King fans out there

Don’t Make Eye Contact With Them On The Baby Monitor

There’s no joke here… don’t do it!! They love to stare right at the camera, and just the way the night vision is on those things… it turns your baby into a demon child! It will legit kind of make you scared of them. Not a staring contest you want to get in to.

They Get Really Cute… Stand Your Ground!

They are pretty cute when they are in the 0-6 month, squishy potato phase. But when they start smiling, and start developing little personalities… man do they get insanely cute! It’s so hard to do the right thing and be a good parent because you’re distracted by just the sheer cuteness of this thing. Super easy to just spoil them with half a box of goldfish crackers and 4 hours of screen time. You wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the cuteness in that moment.

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