COFFEE: When was your first?!

Interesting stat for you…Apparently 35% of Starbucks ‘drinkers’ in Canada are between the ages of 12 and 17. I didn’t have my first real coffee until I was 18. Yes I know it’s 2023 and it’s a different time, but when I was 12-17 years old, I was spending money on Slurpee’s and movie tickets. Also, important to note…there’s a very good chance these 12-17 year old’s aren’t ordering Quad Shot Americano’s or a Venti Dark Roast. It’s those pretty, sweet drinks with delicious cold foams and tasty sprinkles that they’re shelling out for.

I used to take sips of my Grandma’s coffee when I was about 5 years old. GOOD coffee (Shout out McQuarrie’s in #YXE) with FARM CREAM and sugar. How could I not love it!? But then I started actually drinking it when I was 18 in University. That was when people were carrying or clipping to-go mugs to their backpacks. And a coffee shop opened IN Place Riel on Campus! So convenient. FFWD to today, and you can’t go very far without coming across a Tim’s or Starbucks.

Would you let your 12 year old have a cup of good old coffee with cream and sugar? Or go the Instagram-worthy route with the fancy syrups and foams? – Stacie

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