Is Jimmy Fallon Toxic??

Rumours are going around that Jimmy Fallon isn’t as nice as you may think… Current and former employees have accused him of lashing out at staff when under pressure. Previous senior staff on the show had bullied and belittled others, and guests’ dressing rooms were commonly known as “cry rooms”, where employees could go let out their stress. Fallon did issue an apology saying he was embarrassed and felt so bad, and that he wanted the Tonight Show to be “inclusive for everybody”, that it “should be funny, it should be the best show, with the best people”.

That being said, if he were to get axed, or make an exit…the internet is speculating as to who should replace him. I actually think he shouldn’t be replaced. Cancel the show. There are way too many “Late Night” shows to begin with. Plus, he’s Jumped the Shark. He’s just not funny anymore. He absolutely was in the beginning, but it’s been 9 years and I think we’re good. UNLESS…you bring back Conan O’Brien. THEN we’re good! – Stacie

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