The Best Local Places to Get Pizza in Saskatoon

Last September, I began my ‘Best Chicken Fingers in Saskatoon’ quest. At the time, I did not expect it to turn into an 8-month, 50+ episode journey. Lots of people in the city started following along, it became our most popular on-air segment, and we even did some ‘chicken finger awards’ at the end of it!

I got a lot of ‘You have to do another food quest’ after this, specifically a pizza one. Not going to lie, I didn’t really want to copy Dave Portnoy. But you got to give the people what they want, right?! So I started the ‘Best pepperoni pizza in Saskatoon’ quest. Basically the same thing, just showcase local spots that you may not have heard of and give them a score that’s usually pretty high.

I quickly realized that people take pizza VERY seriously. Chicken fingers are kind of a fun food, but pizza is LIFE for some folks. You wouldn’t believe the amount of angry comments & DM’s I got from complete strangers saying that I don’t know what I’m talking, that I’m a complete idiot, that I should stick to rating things that I know.

To be fair, the point of these quests was ‘to find the best’… but to me, the real reason was to use the platform I have to showcase some local places in our city. Probably should have made that more clear at the start. I think some people got caught up in the whole rankings thing while I was more focused on the content/quality of videos. I’m no foody or pizza expert, which is probably what made people more upset. I’m just some guy throwing out 8.9’s every time. Plus, there are many different types of pizza here on the prairies and people are very passionate about their favourite/least favourite style.

It was starting to get me bummed out that I was making people upset with my silly videos. Plus we recently had to renew our mortgage, so spending $40 on pizza every week probably isn’t the best idea for the ol’ budget… so I decided to end the quest early. But I also couldn’t leave you hanging, so here are some of the best LOCAL places from the pepperoni pizza quest (and some that I just know are good from living here since 1996)

Pancho’s Pizza
The one that started it all. Right next door to Mr. Ribs, which we’ll get to in a bit… Real Saskatoon lifers remember when this place was called ‘Krusties Pizza’ back in the 90’s. Best. Breadsticks. Ever!

Everyone in the neighbourhood knows this place, it’s exactly what you want from a local take-away establishment. Hard not to be bias with my childhood pizza joint.

Black Cat Tavern

The plan was to do a big thing here for the 25th episode. They have all you can eat pizza for $10 on Mondays and Tuesdays and it’s really fricking tasty. Plus this place always has cool stuff going on. Local bands, stand up, punk rock bingo… it’s just a quality spot that has old school vibes. Good pinball from what I remember too. A real nice night out with friends would be a pub crawl in this area. Black Cat, Amigos, the tiny Leos, Prairie Sun Brewery, Yard & Flagon… not a bad time.

But yeah, no one seems to talk about the pizza here. They should, it rocks.

Trifon’s Pizza

Trifon’s started in Regina and is making it’s way to Saskatoon. They have it at the Manhattan Gastropub in Lawson Heights and the stand alone location in the Monarch Building downtown. I’m also like 80% sure the Whiskey Barrel in College Park serves Trifon’s too.

I’m from Saskatchewan, which means it’s in my blood to like the prairie-style, meat-layers under the cheese pizza… we were all raised on it! But some places take it too far and it’s just becomes too much. Trifon’s, in my opinion, gets the mix of prairie style and classic style just right. Tons of cheese that’s melty and crispy on top, crust is real nice and light, and yet the 3-4 meat layers doesn’t make it a giant mess. Stays together real nice, just a solid pie right here. Fills you right up and the price is right.

Sunnydale Pizza

Had no idea this place existed, but really glad I do now. All local ingredients, super fresh, pretty good pick-up deal too. It’s super cheesy but still tastes like a lighter pizza. Really liked the taste. This lives up to the ‘all places in a strip mall are going to be good’ rule.

Thirteen Pies

This is date night pizza right here. Fancy pizza. A bit pricey, yes. But worth it for the quality, the ambiance, and the Mortal Kombat…

It tasted as good as it looked. A bit floppy but that’s because we got the big size. Didn’t really care because it was so dam tasty. This is probably my overall #1 place if money is no object and I want to treat myself.


Wasn’t on the quest, but the pizza here slaps. So do the chicken fingers, I think they’re on special Wednesday nights.


Another place not featured on the pizza quest, but this pizza here is also really tasty. Two local places I wish I would have done earlier!

Black Pepper Pizza

They’ve always got some good pickup deals on their Facebook page. Sometimes it’s a spur the moment, made too many so they’re cheap kind of thing. It’s like a fancier Boston Pizza if that makes sense. The sauce and look of it reminds me of BP’s, but it doesn’t have that chain-restaurant taste.


Another ‘had no idea this place had good pizza’ kind of place. This thing can feed 4 people easy.

You sort of have to be in the mood for this kind of pizza. If it’s lunch and you have a big day planned, probably not the best choice. But if the game is on and you’re drinking some beers, this is the pizza. It’s filling and will give you a sodium hangover, but super worth it. Love how cheesy it was, awesome crust, really surprised with the quality of it despite how big and heavy it was.

Other Local Places Wort Checking Out

Ringers, Postal Pizza, Granada House, Twisted Monkey, Pizza Pirates & Venice House on Central if you like the prairie style.

Last but not least… Mr. Ribs

I grew up across the street. Will always give this place some love!

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