My Last 5 Pics

Premium Pet Styling dropped off some dog treats for us. I forgot this one in studio and then got this text from Jake Ryan. He had a bite thinking it was for him hahaha!
Got some new kicks with a little Oilers orange splashed on there. Wore them to the game on Saturday, sadly they’re not the good luck charm I was hoping for.
Had arguably the best donut of my life this weekend from a place in Windermere called “Hello Mochi.” You need to give this place a try if you’re in the area.
My daughter got to choose which instrument she’ll be playing this year at school. She went with the tuba! It’s hilarious watching her lug it around; well worth the headache from her ripping on the thing constantly around the house.
It was the final Elks home game of the season. Had a great time hosting the games this year. My favorite part of the gig was probably making of fun of contestants trying to kick field goals at half-time. Throwing the mini footballs in the stands was also a lot of fun. Hope to be back next year!!

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