Saskatoon Skating Spots

It’s been a strange sort of winter so far for Saskatoon with really no snow to start off 2024. That means there are a few less winter activities, but one that is as popular as ever is skating. There are 13 stormwater ponds around Saskatoon that are tested throughout the winter and given the okay to skate on if the ice is measured thick enough (they will change the signage accordingly). According to the city’s website, each year you can find skating spots at:

  • Briarwood Pond (Briarwood neighborhood)​
  • Bev Dyck Pond (Kensington neighborhood)
  • Brighton Large Pond (Brighton neighborhood)
  • Brighton Small Pond (Brighton neighborhood)
  • George H Clare Pond (Kensington neighborhood)
  • Dundonald Pond (Dundonald neighborhood)
  • John Avant Pond (Erindale neighborhood)
  • Lakeview Pond (Lakeview neighborhood)
  • Marshall Hawthorne Pond (Stonebridge)
  • Parkridge Extension Pond (Blairmore Suburban Centre)
  • Trounce Pond (Lakeview Suburban Centre)

A huge shout-out and thank you to everyone who helps keep these spots clean and running through the season! If you are lucky- sometimes you can even catch a homemade Zamboni!

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