Intense Passion for the Stanley Cup… Tumbler?

The internet has finally caught onto the latest trendy phenomenon: the Stanley Cup frenzy.

No, NOT the prestigious hockey trophy that teams compete fiercely for each year. Instead, the talk is about a different kind of Stanley Cup – a massive insulated tumbler mug with a price tag that almost requires a person to take out a second mortgage to afford.

This thermos, or tumbler mug, whatever you call it, has become an unlikely sensation. Thanks to a clever marketing strategy, people are swarming stores for new editions, different colours, and unique variations of this cup.

The sheer frenzy has reached heights where people are clamouring to get their hands on one, sometimes leading to store scuffles reminiscent of Black Friday chaos.

Are these things magical or just a status symbol? While it’s hard to pinpoint the exact allure, there’s no denying the fervour they’ve stirred up. In some circles, possessing one of these insulated tumblers is akin to owning a piece of the actual Stanley Cup.

At least the peak of this trendiness is happening now, sparing the confusion that might arise if it happened in April.

Everyone seems to be talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs excited about the prospect of buying a Stanley Cup, albeit not the one they compete for on the ice… But did you SEE that Nylander deal? They have the cash.

Eventually, the trend will fade…but for now, enjoy the memes!

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