50 Cent Is Done With Sex In 2024

If you follow 50 Cent on social media – you might have seen his post from yesterday that is getting his fans talking.

He’s caused a stir on social media by announcing that he is ‘practicing abstinence’ in 2024. Known for his explicit behavior and lyrics, the 48-year-old has decided to give up one of his more provocative activities. On Instagram yesterday he shared pictures of himself in a gorgeous suit with his own-brand Branson Cognac conveniently placed right beside him and a cigar in hand

He claims his new focus is all business therefore he has no time for pleasure.

Also – an we please take a moment to acknowledge Ryder’s comment under his post. I am just realizing now that it’s in the screen shot LOL!!!!!!!!

In 2 years 50 cent will be turning 50. I feel like we need to celebrate him in 2026 as he will literally be 50 cent. Hmmm…food for thought. We wonder if for now while he focuses on his business if he will also focus on turning his lyrics to more innocent ones. Should Candy Shop literally just be lyrics about an actual Candy Shop now?

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