Finish The Sentence: “Colder Than A _______”

Our listeners have stepped up with hilarious responses- therefore we are bringing this topic back tomorrow on Ryder and Lisa’s show and will read our favourite answers that roll in!

Here are the Top 5 we have so far:

Colder Than The Middle Of A Lasagna

There are only two ways to enjoy this delicious dish – you either burn your entire mouth or you dig into a freezing cold centre bite

Colder Than The Publics Opinion Of The World Famous Edmonton Talus Balls

Ryder is curious if the Talus Balls shrink when it’s this cold out LOL

Colder Than Brass Panties

Do these even exist? We tried to find a photo online and this is the best we could do…..guess that answers our question

Colder Than Your Grandma’s Hand

LISTEN – your grandma is amazing..but we can all admit that they have the coldest hands. What do they always say? Cold hands means you have a warm heart. Aw.

Colder Than The Inside Of Costco’s Produce Section

Why is it so cold? Are we freezing our lettuce now? Aren’t pineapples from tropical hot islands? We’re confused.

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