Influencers are just modern-day infomercials

We’ve all been there. We’ve made a regrettable purchase because we saw it on TV or that person on TikTok told you it’ll make your life 100% better.

We’re just living in a new era of infomercials. Slap Chops, Snuggies, Shake Weights… they were everywhere. And now, they’ve just made their way from cable TV to platforms like TikTok and Instagram in shorter form to appeal to our much shorter attention spans. It’s like history repeating itself but in the form of Stanley Cup Tumblers.

Let’s be realistic…Stanly Cups are just the new Bump Its for teens and 20-somethings.

At least that little piece of plastic I back-combed into my hair in high school got me through my emo phase without going through a can of hairspray every day.

All that said… Vince Offer, the ShamWow guy… HE was the OG influencer.

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