What’s better than spring? Saving money!

DIY and home reno season is here, and you can snag some deals with the Harvard Media Better Homes, Gardens & Garages auction!

I’m a big fan of everything home reno related and seeing a whole category of goodies on there got me excited! Finally, a chance to get that herringbone pattern tile from Local Flooring Group. I have been meaning roll up my sleeves and finally put up a kitchen backsplash as well.


When it comes to owning a house, yeah spring is the time to get clean-up going, or prevent future messes with maintenance packages, because you want to spend time in the yard doing the fun stuff when the weather gets good! For some of us the fun stuff is taking care of the lawn or gardening so now is the time to get those bids in on a lawnmower or the plant holders and get set up for Sask summer!


Check out the Better Homes, Gardens & Gardens Auction on now and you can get your bid in before 8pm March 28th!


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