Things That SOUND Fun But Actually Kind Of Suck

Our listeners are hilarious and helped us compile this list. Be prepared to feel SEEN.

Sex on the Beach

This always seems like a fun idea until you find sand in your butt crack for an entire week afterwards


Pack the kids up and get ready to sit in the rain and watch a horse take a huge dump then drag a wagon through it!

Trampoline Parks 

This is specifically for adults with questionable knee caps. This is never a smart choice when you have children bouncing around you like Spiderman

Eating candy  

This always seems like a great time in the moment of purchasing all of your favourite snacks. But when it’s all said and done – you now have a tummy ache, and your kids are bouncing off the walls and refusing to go to bed

Dog sitting 

Everyone gets excited to watch someone else’s sweet pup until the owner is gone and reality sets in. Now your house smells, you’re opening and closing the back door like it’s your full time job and they get anxious and poop all over your living room floor

Water Boarding 

This sounds like some sort of fun outdoor water sport. Unfortunately it’s actually a torturing mechanism often seen in terrifying movies. No thank you

What else should be added to our list!? We love when our listeners contribute to the show!

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