Shaun of the Dead 20th Anniversary

Universal Pictures

You’ve got red on you.

Twenty years ago today I was strolling into a movie theatre to watch Shaun of the Dead, simply because I love horror movies and had watched just about everything from George A Romero possible. And the marketing hit me, promising the first ever ZOM Rom Com (there have been a few since). Like many, I walked out of the theatre afterwards with a newfound love for Edgar Wright, alongside the cast members like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The editing, cinematography, and tight direction shine through in every single scene and sequence.

I always love the part in a zombie movie where the audience knows the end of the world is near, but the characters have no idea and keep ignoring the signs. This movie takes that trope to hilarious heights, and never takes itself too seriously. That being said, it still manages to rattle the heart strings and take some time for sincerity when it needs to. I has now entered into the relatively small group of movies that you just have to sit down and finish any time you happen to catch it playing, or if you get home to your shiftless lazy roommate pressing play on it again.

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