E-Scooters Return To Stoon

Bird Scooters pictured on the corner of 1st and 2st in Saskatoon

E-scooters made an early return to Saskatoon today for the second year of a two year pilot project program. Bird and Neuron were the two companies given the okay to operate once again according to the city’s bylaws. According to Neuron, “since the e-scooter program began in May 2023, Neuron’s riders have traveled 280,00 kilometers,” so it will be interesting to see how many kilometers are put on over the next few months.

For those looking to catch a ride on the shared e-scooters in Saskatoon, both companies utilize apps for rentals of their scooters, and riders must follow the city’s rules, which are outlined by Neuron below:

  • In Saskatoon riders must be 16 years old and above 
  • Those under 18 need consent from a parent or a legal guardian  
  • Helmets are mandatory for all riders
  • E-scooters can be ridden on bike lanes, multi-use trails, pathways and streets with a speed of 50km/h or lower. Always stay as far right as is safe 
  • Riding on sidewalks is not permitted
  • One rider per e-scooter and no tandem riding. Do not ride with children  
  • Always keep a safe distance from and give way to pedestrians and mobility devices such as wheelchairs 
  • Do not ride under the influence of alcohol or other substances  
  • Be aware and remove earphones 
  • Follow local parking guidelines

For those looking for more info, you can find the details of the shared e-scooter pilot project here.

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