Security Cam + Paintballs?

It gives a new definition to AI-generated art.

PaintCam – ‘Eve’ model mock-up

A yet-to-even-launch Kickstarter campaign is already getting attention thanks to the novel idea of strapping a paintball gun to a home security camera. The backyard-inventor-style product actually looks remarkably chic in all of the promotional images and computer-generated videos, but it should be noted that there are limited videos of an actual working prototype shooting paintballs. In this clip you get to see exactly ONE paint ball being paintballed.

The outfit claims the device has intelligent smart-app integration, AI facial recognition with green-listed profiles, and animal detection so your pets or a stray deer don’t end up getting pelted. If it can be loaded with glow-in-the-dark and/or some sort of tracking technology, this thing could be a game changer. Imagine marking potential intruders in the middle of the night, or actually being able to track porch pirates and MAYBE just maybe get your stuff back.

Plus there’s an absolute satisfaction to giving unwanted people what-for with a burst of painful (but largely harmless) paintballs. Would you invest(if the product actually sees the light of day?

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