World’s First AI Beauty Pageant

Smashing two problematic concepts together, what could go wrong?

AI Generated. Prompt: “a stunning photorealistic portrait of a beautiful model on a beach at golden hour”. It took 2 minutes.

Thanks, I hate it.

AI-generated images of women who do not exist will compete for very real money — $20,000 to be specific. But I say “World’s First” because this really is only the beginning. Digital artists PROMPT JOCKEYS will be stretching out their typing fingers to find true fake beauty to compete for a crown the models can’t ever wear in the Miss AI contest –created by the oh-so-valuable cultural institution: the World AI Creator Awards. They are “dedicated to recognizing the achievements of AI creators around the world”. Great.

To be clear, AI is not a giant amorphous evil thing. There are so many different AI platforms and applications, and a great many of them have the potential to truly and positively change the world. But it’s the wild west, and some cowpokes is gonna get taken advantage of if they aren’t wary about what is real and what isn’t. The power of the technology, the impossible rate of advancement, and capacity for it all to be used to harm people and their livelihoods is to great not to be regulated. Plus there are plenty of very pretty people to see in real life.

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