“Everyone Knows That” Found?

They did it. The song has been found, and in the soundtrack to a vintage porn flick of all places.

The internet is a wild place. If you don’t know the story, let me catch you up…

In 2021 a user going by Carl92 uploaded a short clip of a catchy song to the song-finding-forum “WatZatSong” in the hopes of someone identifying and finding the full version of the song, suggesting the possible title as “Everyone Knows That” (also referred to as “Ulterior Motives”). Few details were given, but many others felt the song was uncannily familiar. And yet, no one could actually figure out where it came from. For several years thousands of people have been combing through music and generating leads from the sparse information available. YouTubers looking for video topics ran wild with it, and even major publications posted stories about the phenomenon. A few similar-sounding musicians have been contacted and asked flat out if they were involved, but the answer had always been nope.

Eventually the search narrowed down to a list of musical copyright holders from the 1980’s – always the suspected decade of release for the original song at the center of the internet investigation. One user, south_poll_ball, finally hit the lead that would crack the case by learning one of the songwriters on the list, Christopher Booth, also produced music for adult films in the 80’s. So south_poll_ball strapped in for the brute-force search. It’s unknown exactly how much vintage video they had to get through, but eventually the song was found just over an hour into a particular title called “Angels of Passion”. The artist has now reacted and further confirmed the answer to the mystery of Carl92’s post. The lifted audio from the film –*ahem* sound effects and all– is available online, but people have already created cleaned up edits like the one shared above.

And that’s that. The mystery of “Everyone Knows That” solved 3 years after it began, and 4 decades after the song was first heard by horny people.

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