Ryder and Lisa’s Weekend Pics!

This past weekend went by way too fast, but what else is new? Days were spent surrounded by good people, good food and great memories – aaaand maybe a little TOO much sun. LOL.

Lisa got an impromptu tattoo with one of her besties. They got matching waves (Lisa is an Aquarius and her friend grew up beside the Ocean) SIDE NOTE: we are all going to ignore Lisa’s dirty sock. She walked outside with it on lol

Here it is! Ignore the “second skin” layer that they placed over top of it.

Ryder went golfing on Saturday – and didn’t realize he needed sunscreen. ALWAYS SUNSCREEN UP EVEN WHEN IT’S OVERCAST, PEOPLE!!!!!

Here’s Gordy finally being able to enjoy his favourite spot on the front deck. He likes to nap sitting up like a classic grandpa

If you ever see the little pup in our IG stories – that is Ollie. We dogsit him for our friend Jenn sometimes!

While waiting for our table at Earls – we realized Ryder and Charley both rock some pretty cool kicks!

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