Fans Are Only Now Discovering What AC/DC Stands For!

AC/DC is one of the world’s most famous bands, yet many are only now discovering the meaning behind their name after 51 years. Founded by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, the Australian rock band’s current lineup includes Angus Young, Cliff Williams, Phil Rudd, Brian Johnson, and Stevie Young. Since 1974, AC/DC has won 17 awards and received 50 nominations, including Grammy Awards and ARIA Music Awards. Despite their success, fans still debate their music style, calling it hard rock, heavy metal, or blues rock.

Popular songs include “You Shook Me All Night Long,” “Back in Black,” and “Highway to Hell.” The band’s name, AC/DC, often speculated to mean “Anti-Christ/Devil’s Child,” actually stands for alternating current/direct current, inspired by an AC adapter on their sister’s sewing machine, symbolizing their raw energy. In Australia, the band is colloquially known as Acca Dacca. Fans have various interpretations of the name, adding to its intrigue.

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